European Champion Clubs Cup - Juniors

The European Athletics Association (EA), as in 2011 and 2012, assigned to Juventude Vidigalense (JV) the honour to host the European Champion Clubs Cup - Juniors, an event that will take place on September 21 at Estadio Municipal Dr. Magalhães Pessoa, which represents a unique opportunity for Leiria, as the host city.

As an Institution of Public Utility, Juventude Vidigalense (JV) feels a great pride in taking responsibility to organize and participate in a sporting event of such a level:


Men's Teams Women's Teams
EST Audentes Sports Club FIN Tampereen Pyrintö
DEN Sparta SVK SK SOG Nitra
NED AV Lycurgus NED AV\'34
SUI COA Lausanne-Riviera SLO Mass
ITA Atl. Stud. CA.RI.RI FRA Dijon UC
POR Juventude Vidigalense POR Juventude Vidigalense
POR Sport Lisboa e Benfica POR Sport Lisboa e Benfica



Hosting such a sports competition represents a magnificent opportunity to promote the city of Leiria, its culture and heritage amongst the whole community, including athletes, families, fans of athletics and the media.
Therefore, JV and other public and private entities that joined the event invite and challenge all fans and supporters to participate in this very special day.
The competition will start at 10.00am.
Be prepared for a journey full of emotions, competitive spirit, fair play and many surprises!